Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Morning

Amazingly the girls slept in Christmas morning!!! They were so excited to see what Santa and Mom and Dad had left them. After playing with gifts for several hours, eating Christmas dinner, and picking up all the gift wrap we all collapsed...glad that Christmas was once again a year away.
One of the presents the girl's wanted this year was Baby Alive!!! Yikes....that's all that Mom and Dad wanted...a fake baby that poops and makes a bigger mess than their own two-year-old. Of course Mommy ended up with the diaper changes!

Sunday, December 9

Wangsgard's Christmas

I'm still very new at this blogging business!! I really should be having my husband the Graphic Designer doing this. Anyways, Christmas was so much fun with a five and two-year-old. The magic was alive with the thoughts of Santa and his reindeer arriving!! However, not all of their thoughts were joyful. C became traumatized when we had her sit on Santa's lap. I guess the big rosy cheeks, white fluffy beard, and rounded belly can be a little scary to a little two-year-old.

Thursday, December 6

First Snow Day!

Last Saturday we enjoyed our first snow fall in Utah. The snow was overdue and greatly needed. After spending an exhausting amount of time bundling the girls up for the snow, we finally went outside and had a great time. A fractured her arm a couple of weeks ago so was required to keep her arm out of the snow...but trust me that didn't stop her from having fun!! She made plenty of one armed snow angels and was able to hold her own in a family snow ball fight.

C is our mild child who would periodically put her little mittens in the snow and try a taste of the newly fallen snow. She didn't last too long outside but a had a fun time for the short duration.