Tuesday, October 28


Okay, I have to claim that I DID NOT POST THAT EDWARD BOX....It was totally Tyler just to mock me....I would NEVER post anything like that!!! I enjoy the books, but that's as far as it goes! I'll leave the box up for the Halloween spirit but it's going down after that. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but vampires really aren't my object of love. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Oh and Tyler, BEWARE!!!!!!

Friday, October 24

Hee Haw Harvest

Our family spent a fun filled night at Hee Haw farms. It was a beautiful fall night filled with corn mazes, slippery slides, a haunted barn and crisp fall air!

A & C had fun riding in their pretty pink piggy!

Daddy took C on a fun filled 4-wheeling ride!! It was a great evening until the very last when our daughters decided to enter a blown up haunted house. While every other child came out with a huge smile on their face, A and C came out balling and appauled that we would even consider sending them into a place like that. What can I say, we love our girls but they all need to toughen up!!!

Wednesday, October 22

Our Newest Addition to the Family!!!

Is it C's newest doll?

Is it A's newest masterpiece?

Is it Tyler's newest Elk Horn?

Have we adopted a new baby into our family?

No, it is our latest zucchini to take over the garden and it is in the 100th percentile for zucchini's. Now the question is, "What in the world is mom going to do with it?"