Wednesday, September 22

New Job!

I started my new job at Canyon Elementary teaching strings to sixth graders. So far I have no complaints.  The kids are wonderful and seem eager to learn their instruments. The pay isn't too shabby and I'm done by 8:30 in the morning. This job isn't in my subject area but I do love music and it's a new and exciting challenge. Of course there's a learning curve involved and I'm spending more time on it then what's being paid but that's okay.  It's called teaching. For all of you teachers out there I would love some fun games or activities that work in your classrooms.  Please share...especially if they can work in a music environment!

Tuesday, September 7

Last Hurrah!

We decided to have one more last hurrah with our tent trailer before the end of summer.  We headed up to Tony Grove in Logan canyon.  It was a beautiful campsite nestled in the pines and was located not too far from the lake itself. 
The first day there we headed down to Logan and toured good old Utah State with the girls.  The girls and Tyler were good sports while I breathed in all of the nostalgia  and took a trip down memory lanes.  Here's a picture of our three little Aggies.
Tyler took the opportunity to make each of the girls true aggies.  I know, VERY CHEESY!  However, the girls loved it.
Opa and Omi joined us for the day and we were able to eat lunch at the Bluebird and enjoy some relaxing time at the campsite.
While getting ready for dinner we realized that we'd packed no knifes.  Cutting potatoes became a chore but a memorable experience. The hatchet came in handy for the watermelon.  Of course after dinner, Tyler found the knive!
Combined, Annie and Tyler caught six fish.  Every time one was reeled in Heidi would say, "Gloup, Gloup" which in her language means fish.
Roasting marshmallows and eating smores' was of course a favorite past time for all of us.  All of the girls mastered the art of "Chubby Bunny" by the end of the trip.
Here's a picture of Cambry relaxing  and being her cute little self.
Of course after three days of camping we were cold and very scary looking but it was all worth it! 

Thursday, September 2

Cambry's first day of Kindergarten!

I LOVE Kindergarten!  When else can you go to school and make jelly fish out of paper plates, sing songs without getting embarrassed, and make best friends with someone new every day.  Cambry was more than excited for her first day of Kindergarten.  It was hard for me to let her go but I couldn't help but be anxious for all the fun she'll experience.
Cambry is our little sweetheart and it's hard to watch her grow up and be thrown into the real world but I'm sure she'll love it! 
Heidi adores Cambry and insists on giving her a kiss and hug every day when we drop her off.
She's very happy to have her good friend Kara in her class.

Wednesday, September 1

And We're Back...

The guilt has consumed me and I'm giving in! Blogging world here I come and though there will be sap, bragging, and maybe even numerous pictures of Bison(Buffalo) in the middle of the road so be it.

We will however have to get around the fact that our camera died sometime between yesterday and today. Maybe it was the 36 pictures I took of Cambry's first day of Kindergarten. Who knows.

Just cause our camera is dead doesn't mean we don't have a full year's worth of entries we need to post. So, we will be updating our blog alright; backdating all of the fun we've had since our last posting.

See... there is a method to my madness. I had this planned all along... and, maybe we'll have a new camera by the time we are all caught up.

Don't worry there are more captivating entries coming...and their arrival might even be faster than the traffic trying to get around these Bison.