Thursday, July 31

Camp Loll Alumni Trip – Day 1

Monte Cristo/Hoback River:

This weekend, we returned to Camp Loll, where Todd and I served on staff for several of our summers: Todd in 1986, '87, '90, '91; myself in 1990, '91, '92.

Todd drove with his four-year-old (Dawson) from Blue Springs, MO and met myself, Dad (Opa) and Todd's oldest son Conner at the Star Valley Cheese Factory in Thayne.

We began our journey in Layton, up I-84, over to Huntsville, over Monte Cristo and up through Randolph, Woodruff and Star Valley. After a late lunch at the Cheese Factory, we drove up through Alpine Junction, and Hoback Junction, we found a campsite on the Hoback River to spend the night. One of Todd's good friends from Loll, Dan Reeder and his two sons, met us at our campsite.

The legendary Star Valley Cheese Factory was a big disappointment this trip. Their cheese room was empty, half of the cheese they had was from Utah's Cache Valley, the "squeaky cheese" (curds) were dry and quiet, the knick-knacks and huckleberry treats were MIA and we were the only people in the restaurant. A far cry from previous trips, including the one three years ago.

While driving over Monte Cristo we wanted to follow up to our snowmobiling adventure on March 21 this year, I wanted to stop by the that outhouse we let the kids slide off the roof of to get a picture.

March 21, 2008

July 31, 2008

Tyler and A went snowmobiling in March.

Tyler, Todd, Gilbert, Dawson, Conner

Camp Loll Alumni Website

New look . . . again!!

Over the last several weeks, I have been tinkering with the look of our blog.

Unhappy with the default templates available, I have modified one I like to fit the look and feel I have been after. I'm still not satisfied with some minor details, but this will have to do for now. Overall, I am now satisfied with the design and title of our blog.

Wednesday, July 30

Summer of Grubs

Our back lawn is overcome with a major insect infestation including grubs. A good 25-30% of the lawn is DEAD!

I finally figured it out, and purchased insect and grub control fertilizer, but I think it may be too late for at least 10% — I will probably have to re-seed some of the lawn.

Friday, July 25

Pioneer Day Festivities

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Utah's Pioneer Day. The day started with the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days parade, swimming and barbecue with family in Ogden, and then back home for an outdoor movie and fireworks with my second cousin and her family. We watched Enchanted with full surround sound and rear projection while illegal fireworks surrounded us in the neighborhood before the city's show began. A fell asleep half-way through the movie and missed the fireworks entirely.

And now, one more day of work before the weekend.

Wednesday, July 23

A rare glimpse.


I want to publicly share my thoughts and feelings surrounding our anniversary. I know that I don't do this enough, as much as you would like.

As I reflect on our relationship, I review the emotions we have shared, the ups and downs, the prosperity and the struggles we have gone through. I can't bear to think how/where my life would be if your life had been cut short after A's birth. After only two years of marriage.

There would be no C, no H, and most of all, I would be without my beloved partner. A and I would be without the mother and wife we love so much. It would be hard to pass July 22nd without sadness and mourning; it would not be a day of celebration of our love and commitment for each other.

Cheryl, I love you with all my heart. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. I know I have much to improve on, much to learn, and a long way to go before I am the perfect husband and father you see in me. Your patience seems to have no end and I feel that you will eventually see my true potential.

I still feel that Tracy Byrd's Keeper of the Stars fits our relationship perfectly:
"It was no accident, me finding you.
Someone had a hand in it, long before we ever knew.
Now I just can't believe, you're in my life.
Heaven's smiling down on me, as I look at you tonight.
I tip my hat, to the Keeper of the Stars.
He sure knew what he was doing when he joined these two hearts.
I hold everything, when I hold you in my arms.
And I've got all I'll ever need, thanks to the Keeper of the Stars."

"I know I don't deserve, a treasure like you.
There really are no words, to show my gratitude."

With much love, your husband and eternal companion,

Thanksgiving Point and Bountiful Temple
(photo illustration by Tyler)

Tuesday, July 22

"Through the Years"

Although eight years seems like an "eternity" we have many more to go...but I'm glad that I can spend them with you. Hopefully you can put up with me that long. (JK) I love you Tyler!! Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father to our girls. Happy Anniversary! I hope that the fun never ends.

Eight years . . . REALLY?!?!

Has it really been that long? What have we done in eight years?

Living in St. George, Tyler attending SUU and working at Boulevard, Cheryl teaching at Cross Creek, Wangsgard family trip to Jackson Hole.

Wangsgard family trip to Lake Powell, we hiked the Subway in Zion NP, trip to Hawaii, our temple sealing, Tyler graduated SUU.

A was born, Cheryl fell gravely ill post-birth, trip to Disneyland, we moved to Las Vegas.

Celine Dion concert (Vegas), we moved to Roy, Tyler took job at Lifetime Products.

Wangsgard family Baja cruise, C was born, Cheryl had gallbladder removed.

2005-2006 - Moved to Spanish Fork, Tyler took job at Dentrix, Wangsgard family Disneyland trip, family road trip to Seattle.

Tyler took job at MediaOne, Wangsgard family Disneyland trip #2, Smith family reunion in Midway.

Family road trip to Missouri/Denver, H was born, Tyler took job at BYU.

Saturday, July 19

On Salem Pond

Twice this month, we've had family visiting from out of state. Around the 4th of July, Cheryl's brother Bryan from Las Vegas and Tyler's brother Todd from Missouri were in town.

While Bryan's family took off to Yellowstone, Todd's family visited us for a day. We took them out to Salem Pond and brought Gil's canoe with us (Thanks Dad!).

A, Jayci and Todd enjoying the water.

Todd and Jana in the canoe.

Today, Cheryl's brother David and his family are in town from Denver, and we took the canoe out again. The kids loved it, and this time, we brought swim suits. Several of the boys even jumped off the bridge that goes over the pond. (Tyler, 2x; Jacob, 1x; Trevor, 1x; Trenton, 1x) . . . that was before a police officer pulled up and said, "$100 fine for jumping off the bridge."

Ganelle and Jacob enjoying the water.

C is our little fish.

Friday, July 18

My view at BYU

I moved into my new office today. Instead of staring at walls all day, this is my new view.

A great view of Rock Canyon wouldn't you say?

And "Y" Mountain!

Almost three months old.

I'm the worst blogger ever!! However, after reading my friends and relatives blogs I'm truly inspired and feeling rather guilty. However, I do have three excuses . . . A, C, and little H. If I'm not busy feeding or entertaining one of them I'm venturing into the land of the lost clothing, where piles and piles of dirty clothing are calling my name to find the lost pieces at the bottom of the piles.
Here are a few pictures of H over the months to recap on how big she's gotten.
We call her, "Monkey Toes" !

H has the biggest eyes ...especially when she's excited!

"Little Girls, Little Girls, Everything around me is....LITTLE"

Other Disney Memories

You've just got to love Snow White!!

Now, which one is Goofy?

I vote for this One!

A true pirate enjoying some Gold Fish for lunch!

Our first time with the kids in 2006!

Vacationing Princess

Every other year my mother-in-law takes the older grand children on Omi Days. Therefore A is currently on the road with three of her cousins to Disneyland. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous and C is a little sad. In fact she spent last night in our room. Disneyland has become one of my favorite places on earth since we've been twice with our kids. This picture is my fondest memory. A was just three-years-old and just a couple minutes after entering the park she sees Belle coming down the road. Belle gets down on her knees and extends her arms and without hesitation A runs up and gives her a big hug! A true "Kodak Moment".

Tuesday, July 15

How does our garden grow?

We are still waiting for much of it to come into harvest. I can't wait for the tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelons. The zuchinis are ever abundant.

Views from A and C's window.

Monday, July 14

Callings in our new ward

Cheryl and I both received callings yesterday.

Cheryl was called back into the Activity Days leadership.

I was called as a primary teacher, tag team teaching with Brother Hall. Brother Hall was in our ward before we split off into the River Trail Ward. Also, Brother and Sister Hall were in our ward back in St. George. They lived two doors down from us in Colorview (Snow Canyon Stake). In fact, both Cheryl and Sis. Hall were pregnant with our oldest children at the same time. Mick was born just over a month before A was. Now they have been in Kindergarten and soon First Grade with each other.

Bro. Hall and I are teaching the 9/10 year-olds. And so far, the kids are very receptive and willing to learn. We'll have to help one or two to focus on the lesson and to want to participate more. Other than that, they are really great kids. Of eight on the rolls, five attended. I know for sure that one of the three that wasn't there will be normally.