Wednesday, March 25

Farwell Grandma Smith 1908-2009

Today my wonderful Grandma Relia Cooley Smith passed away at 101-years-old. I began to think that this day would never come but here it is. She lived such an amazing life and was loved by so many. I can't help but imagine the joyous reunion she's having with family that has already passed on. Especially the reunion with her sweet husband Jay who she lost over 20-years ago, and her daughter Sandy who passed away this year. I'm so thankful for her example in my life and how caring and loving she was to me and everyone around her.

Events and milestones of 1908.
January 1 - 1st time, ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square
January 6 - Relia Cooley Smith was born
January 11 - Grand Canyon National Monument is designated
January 24 - Robert Baden-Powell begins the Boy Scout movement
March 22 - Louis L'Amour, American author born
April 5 - Bette Davis, American actress born
May 10 - Mother's Day is observed for the first time
May 14 - 1st passenger flight in an airplane
June 12 - Lusitania crosses Atlantic in record 4 days 15 hours, New York City
June 24 - Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States died
June 30 - Boston's Cy Young's 2nd no-hitter, beats New York Highlanders, 8-0
July 13 - 4th modern Olympic games opens in London
September 16 - Carriage-maker, William Durant, founded General Motors Corp
September 27 - Henry Ford produces his first Model T automobile (sells for $850)
October 14 - The Chicago Cubs win the World Series. They have failed to do so ever since
October 24 - Billy Murray hits the charts with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
November 3 - U.S. presidential election, Republican William Howard Taft defeats Democrat William Jennings Bryan
November 6 - Western bandits Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid are supposedly killed in Bolivia
December 31 - Wilbur Wright made a record flight of 2 hours, 20 minutes

Other things to note.
Petroleum production begins in the Middle East
There were 46 states, New Mexico and Arizona were still territories
U.S. population: 88.7 Million
Dow Jones closes at 86.15 on 12/31/08, up 46.6% in one year.

First Class postage stamp: $0.02
Four operating LDS temples, St. George, Logan, Manti and Salt Lake
Joseph F. Smith, president of the LDS Church

It's the Little Things....

It seems that my blogging is like feast or famine, but right now I'm probably being a little too plentiful but I had to write about what happened this morning. For no particular reason I was having a pity party for myself last night and was just frustrated about a lot of minuscule things. It caused a little dissension between Tyler and I so of course I went to bed angry and did not sleep well. I woke up later than usual and quickly told Annie to go grab a banana while I jumped in the shower and then I'd be down to feed them all breakfast. Annie had no clue of my frustrations from the previous night. After quickly showering, I ran downstairs and saw that breakfast was already placed perfectly on the table. There were three bowls of cereal (with the milk poured in), a yogurt for each of us, a graham cracker for dipping, and drinks poured in mugs. She even gave me the cereal and drink that I prefer because she knew I wasn't a big Fruit Loops fan.
All of the sudden everything I was frustrated with disappeared and my heart melted. What a thoughtful gesture...even if my Corn Flakes were a little soggy. I've heard that the 6-8 years old stage is called the "good girl/good boy" stage and I think there's some truth to that. My sister-in-law stated the other evening that it's because they're preparing for a special event that takes place when they turn eight. The more I've pondered that I totally agree. I've noticed that Annie isn't as loud lately and seems to be internally pondering things more, she's always the one that reminds us to pray and hounds on Cambry if she eats before the prayer, and she's very sensitive to others' around her and quick to cry and defend others. I've noticed these qualities in her friends whom are also this age. I think it's part of their preparation for the special event that will take place on their 8th birthday. Anyways, I'm grateful that Annie was able to turn my mood around this morning. I think that our children are more perceptive to our moods and needs than we realize.

Monday, March 23

More Pictures of Cambry's Birthday!


Annie's been learning typing in school these past couple of weeks. So, while I was blogging tonight she begged me to let her type something for Cambry's Birthday in Word. I finally gave in and this is what Annie came up with all by herself. Please don't pay attention to the grammar because she's only in 1st grade.

Dear Cambry,

We love you double triple!!!!Theres how much we love you.Oh, and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I,m so glad that its your birthday!But sadly, you cant stay 3 forever.You half to turn 4.We will love you in our hearts forever and ever and always. We proudy apereciate you forever with much proudness in our hearts. We will love you forever.

TO Cambry LOVE Annie Mom Dad and Heidi.




I see a Princess shining in your eyes darling girl!!!!

Cambry is four!

We are a little sad today because our little three-year-old is now the BIG 4!!! Of course this is Cambry just posing...she's ecstatic that it's her Birthday.

It's been a weekend full of celebrating for this little one. Being the middle child sometimes we feel that Cambry gets left out because she's not demanding and goes with the flow so we decided to throw her a "My Little Pony-Princess Party!" She had lots of fun little friends from the neighborhood over.

Most of them came dressed as Pretty Princess's but Annie insisted on being the Wicked Witch and couldn't wait to scare all the little Princesses!

We tried to do lots of fun activities like make Pony Puppets and play organized games, but in the end we realized that they all just wanted to play with each other and eat their treats and cupcakes. Rounding up a bunch of little girls can be quite the chore!!! However, they all did enjoy balloon parachuting and loved climbing under it.

Tyler took the day off which helped a bunch with watching our wild Heidi through it all. We also had help from my good friends Sandy, Heather, Tammi, and Sheryl (who was our talented photographer for the day). I couldn't have done it without them.
Here's a picture of Cambry with her cute friend Kara who just turned four the week before. They've been wonderful friends over the years.

Here's a picture of Cambry enjoying her cupcake.Thank you to all the moms and friends of Cambry who made her Birthday so special...she had a wonderful day!!

On Saturday we had a fun party with our family and Cambry continued to be spoiled!!!

I think that it's a difficult thing being the second oldest because I feel that they get neglected at times...especially when they're the second of three girls (and with the other two being high maintenance). However, Cambry has been an absolute delight and is always pretty laid back and quick to make us laugh and smile. We're still waiting for the terrible 3's to hit....but they haven't as of yet. Who knows, maybe the storm will arrive with the 4's..or maybe it's just the calm before the teenage years. Until then we love, and will always love our little Cambry and hope that she has a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!

Friday, March 20

Our "new" loft

Here's the original loft. Rough original size was ~20ftx~12.5ft. We couldn't find a configuration that didn't feel too cluttered.

The "new" loft. The rough floor size is now ~10.5ftx~12.5ft and will serve one primary purpose... family entertainment and relaxing.

The room feels larger than the dimensions mentioned above. The actual open space area is ~15ftx~14ft because of the railing and the setback where the hall and TV is.

The bedroom is not quite finished yet. The new wall, door and trim still need paint. The bedroom is smaller than the other three bedrooms by at least 15sq. ft. It is ~9.5ftx~12.5ft.