Thursday, August 27

Annalee's 7!!!

Annalee turned 7-years-old on August 24th. I'm really beginning to realize how fast time goes by and how much I need to cherish these times. It was quite the ordeal bringing Annalee into this world, but the trial that came with her birth makes me appreciate that I've been given the opportunity to be in her life. She is our little guinea pig that experiences all of Mom and Dad's countless mistakes that occur with parenting and therefore puts up with
A LOT! She is sensitive, energetic, feisty, musical, talkative, anxious, intelligent, artsy, loving, etc. all wrapped up into one. She really is a whirl wind of energy that makes all of our lives more meaningful.

The one thing that Annalee wanted to do for her 7th Birthday is go to Build-A-Bear. She's been talking about doing this for the past year. She also insisted that Cambry be able to get one too. We were reluctant because of the prices but the experience was fun and memorable.

Grandma came along for the ride and made it even more fun! Annalee has a very special bond with her namesake.

Annalee ended up with a Hannah Montana bear, and Cambry of course picked a pink bear accesorised with Ruby Red slippers...we wouldn't expect anything else.

We finished off this two day birthday event with a family party with, of course, a Hannah Montana cake that Annalee picked out cool!!! She got Legos for her birthday and her older boy cousins were so cute at showing her how to put them together!!! It was a fun day.