Monday, February 2

Sick.....AGAIN!!!! (UPDATED)

The girls went to the doctor, and the doctor said... Cheryl has strep, C has strep and H has an ear infection.

Woo hoo.

We are sick of being sick!!! Seriously, over the last two months Cambry has had strep twice! A week after that Annalee came down with some sort of sickness (probably strep) and had the fever and vomitting. Two days after that we all went to the Draper Temple open house. As we're walking up the stairs I felt like I was going to pass out and wondered why they didn't turn up the heat more in the was beautiful though! Of course, I was down and out for three days, and finally went and got some antibiotics and was diagnosed with Strep! It took me a good week to finally start feeling like myself. Yesterday, I was so happy because the sun was out and everyone was feeling well. We went to dinner at a friend's house which was a lot of fun, but soon realized that Heidi was running a high fever. Now it's Sunday, and we were gladly awoken this morning by not Heidi, but Cambry running to the toilet (of course not making it) frantically, and she is now laying on the couch with a rag on her head. She's claiming her ears hurt and is running ANOTHER fever in conjunction with Heidi. Now I'm wondering if the Pediatrician will give me a two for one deal! We should buy stock in Motrin and Tylenol.

I'm just frustrated because I try to keep a reasonably clean house, wash their hands, and give them their vitamins daily...but this winter has been a killer! I feel like I haven't been to church forever and am beginning to suffer from cabin fever. Spring, WHERE ARE YOU? It's a good thing we got the flu shot...I just wish they'd make a Strep shot too!