Sunday, January 25

"A" and Her Creativity

Q: What do you get when you mix three sheets of blank paper, a black marker and a very creative six-year-old girl?

A: A twelve page activity book complete with drawings of a ballerina, a church, a queen, a temple, a world, a "find the hidden animals", a "draw four favorites" and other fun quiet time activities that her sister "C" could color in while we watch Stake Conference.

We're think about creating a blog dedicated completely to A's drawings and creations. But that would be a full-time job in itself.

"A" said, "If your child would like an activity book, just call 801-642-4330." (Paypal or cookies are the only accepted methods of payment.)

Wednesday, January 7

Happy 101st Birthday Grandma!!

My Grandmother Smith just turned 101- years-old yesterday!! She's an amazing woman who's lived through some major historical events. I remember her telling me stories about living in Logan as a young child and riding her white horses with carriage into town. She was an amazing cook and has the kindest heart. I will never forget her pot roasts, mustard pickles, and shrimp salad..yummy! She also made the most amazing french toast. She raised three wonderful sons and one daughter. I'm so thankful for her and her example. I can't believe that she's lived so long and is still doing fairly well. Of course she has her good and bad days but that's expected at 101-year-old. I already feel like I have good and bad days!! I'm sure that the day she passes on she will be greatly missed but I can't help but imagine the reunion she will have with her husband and her son Frank, whom she lost at birth. What a happy moment that will be! Happy Birthday!!!!

This photo is six years old. The baby in the photo is A.

Monday, January 5

December was a Blurrrrrr...

Every year I tell myself that I want to relax and have a nice, laid back Christmas Vacation...unfortunately I don't think it exists!! It was a lot of fun though! Here's a quick run down of some family fun.

It seemed like we were in the kitchen a great deal making this or that for some family dinner or just making cookies for Santa.

Unfortunately during the cooking baby H was being a little neglected and got into a bit of a mess.

(The green beans are in her lap)

Christmas Eve was spent with Tyler's family which is a fun tradition. There's always lot of fun stories, songs sung in German, and performances by the little ones.

Christmas Day we just relaxed with our own little family which was a lot of fun just watching the kids play with their presents.

C was pretty excited getting her singing Belle doll!

H was content playing with the wrapping paper!

The following week Tyler took work off. We decided to stay home and just do some local fun activities. We went bowling, out to eat (too much), sledding, to a movie, and visited with friends and family.

Here's C enjoying Festival of Lights...we continue to love it every year!

Sledding was a blast! I'm amazed at how many times A would run up the hill...she didn't even seem winded. C on the other hand had to be dragged up EVERY time.

Overall, it was a great holiday but I'm more than ready for school to begin. Today I had to take A to the dentist and can I honestly say, I really do not like the dentist at all. They seem to lay you on such a guilt trip and make you feel like a lousy parent. Oh well, the fun had to end at some point and the dentist is definitely a party pooper!!