Wednesday, June 24

Cheryl Gave In

and this is why...

With my sister and her kids visiting us tonight, we swam, bbq'd had root beer floats and then finished off the night with s'mores. I guess the pressure was too much for her.

Visits like today is what summer is all about.

Saturday, June 20

A girl's best friend.....

While having a little campfire tonight I was amazed to watch our girls down the s'mores! They even asked for not only seconds, but thirds (which were not allowed)! Therefore I've come to the conclusion that clothing, shoes, and not even diamonds are a girl's best friend...."Chocolate is truly a girl's best friend." Unfortunately, I haven't allowed my "best friend" to have a part in my life over a month but sure have enjoyed watching my girls, AND HUBBY, indulge in it. Here's a picture of the girls enjoying a chocolate milkshake at Arby's which was given to them for free by a worker. That made their day!

The chocolate addiction starts at a young age in our family. Here's a picture of pookey bear getting free reign with a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I think the smile says it all!