Wednesday, September 1

And We're Back...

The guilt has consumed me and I'm giving in! Blogging world here I come and though there will be sap, bragging, and maybe even numerous pictures of Bison(Buffalo) in the middle of the road so be it.

We will however have to get around the fact that our camera died sometime between yesterday and today. Maybe it was the 36 pictures I took of Cambry's first day of Kindergarten. Who knows.

Just cause our camera is dead doesn't mean we don't have a full year's worth of entries we need to post. So, we will be updating our blog alright; backdating all of the fun we've had since our last posting.

See... there is a method to my madness. I had this planned all along... and, maybe we'll have a new camera by the time we are all caught up.

Don't worry there are more captivating entries coming...and their arrival might even be faster than the traffic trying to get around these Bison.

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