Saturday, August 28

2nd White Dress...

On August 28th, we were able to celebrate the baptism of Annie.  It was a beautiful day and we are so proud of the decision she made.  We're so thankful for family members and friends who helped make this day so special for Annie (those both present and unable to attend because of distance). I hope she remembers this day better than I remember my own!
Picture of our family right before the baptism.
My parents with Annie.

A little Daddy Daughter bonding time before.
My favorite!
Annie with Omi and Opa.
Annie with her older cousins Kelsey and Adrianne...she adores them!
Cute Cayli! 
The cake says it all!

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ganelle said...

Looks amazing! SOOO wish we could have celebrated with everyone!

Oh,and glad to see you're back posting - I'm too far away to really know what's going on without it!