Thursday, September 2

Cambry's first day of Kindergarten!

I LOVE Kindergarten!  When else can you go to school and make jelly fish out of paper plates, sing songs without getting embarrassed, and make best friends with someone new every day.  Cambry was more than excited for her first day of Kindergarten.  It was hard for me to let her go but I couldn't help but be anxious for all the fun she'll experience.
Cambry is our little sweetheart and it's hard to watch her grow up and be thrown into the real world but I'm sure she'll love it! 
Heidi adores Cambry and insists on giving her a kiss and hug every day when we drop her off.
She's very happy to have her good friend Kara in her class.


ganelle said...

So great! And now YOU have some time with just Heidi.

Keri said...

I agree that Kindergarten is great. I love the innocence and compassion that all of the kids have at that age. 1st grade seems pretty good so far, too.